Monday, October 18, 2010


For your final project this semester, you are required to:

1. Do a character analysis of given character
2. Provide visual references for make up and costume
3. Make up design sketches - minimum of 8 designs
4. Document step by step procedure of applying make up. Preferably a test make up session and is to be referred to the lecturer BEFORE the final performance.
5. Submit sketches etc and update your blogs before the 1st of November 2010.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Assignment CTT 582

Assignment Brief

What is Special Make Up and Special Effects and how does it differ from normal make up?

(1,500 words)

29 July 2010
By 2359 pm


What is the process of preparing for special make up? Give one example of special make up and explain step by step how the make up is done.

(1,500 words)

5 August 2010
By 2359 pm


Case study : Write a comparison study of ONE Malay Classic film and ONE Modern Malay film which uses special effects make up. Supply with visuals to support your study.

(1,500 words)

19 August 2010
By 2359 pm


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Posting sulung. Diharapkan semua dapat memanfaatkan isi kandungan blog ini.

Looks like there is something new for me to look forward to. And Students, use the cyberspace with responsibility ye. :)